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Buy in advance to save money and time!

You can purchase all-day amusement wristbands and animal adventure passes on now. You don’t need to be a registered user, just navigate to Holland Park State School and make your purchase as a guest without registering.

Prices and inclusions

All-day amusements ride wristband $22 per child before 19 May
A wristband entitles the wearer to unlimited goes on the nine rides listed below (excl. the animal adventures and haunted house).

Animal adventure passes (5 entries) $22 per pass before 19 May
The animal adventure pass can be shared to provide five individual entries to any of the animal adventures: pony rides, farm animals and reptiles!

On-line orders close at 4.30pm on Friday 18 May.

Purchase at the Fete

Wristbands and animal adventure passes will be on sale at the Fete Ticket Booth for $27 per wristband and $27 per pass (5 entries).

Individual ride tickets and single entry to one animal adventure will also be on sale at the Ticket Booth for $6 per ride/entry.

Collect wristbands animal adventure passes the week of fete (times will be published in the newsletter) at school, or at the ticket booth at fete.

Check out the details of all the amusements on the day!  And be sure to look at the Amusements Safety page for all height/weight restrictions and other safety rules.

Check out these amusements to keep you going all day!


Wipeout (New!)Six players take their positions on inflatable podiums, then put their stamina, agility and timing to the test as the giant padded Arms go round and round “sweeping” everything in their path.

Featuring two Arms set at different heights, players need to duck, weave and jump to avoid being knocked off their feet and be the last one standing.

Suitability – 6 to 18 years
Bumper Balls* These giant inflatable zorb-style Bumper Balls are the best fun ever, and the coolest activity in town!

* Bumper Balls suit ages 7 years and over.

* Players must be at least 1.2m to use the Bumper Balls.

* Each player requires a single ticket or All Day Amusement Pass.
Super Slide* Three lanes…three humps…and 30m of awesome slip-sliding fun!

* Suitable for all ages.

* Riders must be at least 1.0m. or be accompanied by an adult (no ticket required by adult).
Alien LaserThe Alien Laser Game is the ultimate in high-tech interactive rides, where state-of-the-art special effects combine with spectacular lighting and music, to create an exciting, “out of the world” experience. The aim of the game is to test your skills and courage by nullifying the Alien invaders, all within the confines of a huge, multi-chambered inflatable Space Ship.

Height Restrictions – suitable for ages 5 to 15 years.
Caveman Capers* Giant inflatable obstacle course guaranteeing prehistoric fun and adventures for all.

* Each player requires a single ticket or All Day Amusement Pass

* Suitable for ages 6 to 15 years.
Rock Climbing Wall* Take up the challenge to reach the top and climb the Wall.

* Each climber requires a single ticket or All Day Amusement Pass .

* Riders must weigh at least 20 kgs and not over 100 kgs – sorry, no exceptions.
Beach Party Big Bouncer*Five massive humps ensures your partygoers can bounce to the max.

*No board wax or wipeouts here! A deep bouncy bed; huge towers; high walls, & reinforced stitching ensures fun and safety for all ages – especially those “big kids” who love to party!

* Each jumper requires a single ticket or All Day Amusement Pass .
Merry-go-roundThis is a classic merry-go-round that most remember and have fond memories of as a child. This traditional merry go round is still a favourite after all these years catering for young children to 7 years. It has beautiful galloping horses and carriages, along with a gentle smooth-paced spinning action. This ride is sure to put smiles on little faces!
Jungle FeverJungle Fever is our terrific bouncer for the “littlies” to six years of age. Safe high walls, classic graphics and artwork, along with a big bouncy bed ensures your children will have a ball in complete style and safety.

Height Restrictions – suitable for ages to 6 years.