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Welcome to the Holland Park State Fete 2018

The Fete is by far the biggest and ‘fun-est’ fundraising event the P&C runs. This year’s Fete fundraising priorities are to complete the air-conditioning of all teaching spaces and to further invest in digital education strategies across the school.  Whilst raising as much money as we can towards these goals, we want to ensure that our local community – parents, children, friends and relatives have the best day out, and that we have some excellent fun ourselves whilst achieving that!  We hope you will come along for all the fun at the Fete!


From delicious home made food, to beautiful craft and plants, you will find it all here.


Hold on tight! These rides will keep you energised, and, if you dare to try the Haunted House, spectacularly terrified!


Try your hand and win a prize at these fun and popular games for all ages!


All these small businesses have supported our fundraising efforts by donating goods or services to the fete.


From second-hand books to pre-loved toys, arts and crafts, and jams and preserves, we welcome your donations.


Raffle tickets, ride passes and animal adventure passes can be purchased here.

You will find us here…

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